Inspired By Brooke Thorell: Inner Abundance & Outer Confidence

Shoes On High Street: Selfridges, Oxford Street, London, UK. Photo taken October 2012. ©
Shoes On High Street: Selfridges, Oxford Street, London, UK. Photo taken October 2012. ©

I’ve known Brooke from my days living in Los Angeles, CA – we worked together at that time, and developed a personal friendship and though we live on opposite corners of the US now we have kept in touch over the years. These days Brooke is a busy Mom, Wife, and Entrepreneur. I have always admired Brooke’s graceful approach to fashion and sense of style, so you can appreciate how thrilled I was to learn that Brooke recently teamed up with her Mother, Dawne to launch Lorelai Williams, a fashion label that bears the name of Brooke’s adorable daughter – and is focused on timeless style, anchored to the motto “love what you wear”. I was delighted to catch up with Brooke this week and am honored to share our conversation with you.

1. How were you inspired to find your calling with the Lorelai Williams fashion label and how has it evolved? What is on the horizon for you and the Lorelai Williams brand?

Ok. So I wouldn’t say the fashion part of the label is the “calling.” I love what Mark Cuban says, “Follow your effort, not your passion.” I have always had an interest in fashion. But to look at where we are now with the brand, as to where we started…well, it has definitely not been a straight path. Our business originally had a mother/daughter theme. Then it took a turn to, Mother of the Bride, to now clothes we want you to Love to Wear. The effort was there start a business and focus it on working with women. The “fashion” piece of it evolved.

We are hoping to expand. Hopefully our horizon holds an expanded line as well as an expanded team.

2. How do you anchor back to that original calling on a regular basis?

One thing people don’t talk about are the many mini failures you have when starting and running a business. They happen all the time. I can not tell you how many times we’ve had to take the time to lick our wounds. But then we get back on the horse and keep trudging along. I think it’s important to define success for yourself. My definition lately is, “I’m successful because I haven’t given up.” If you don’t define your success, how do you ever achieve it? I also go back to the “why.” I own my own business because I like to problem solve, and this allows me to do that every, single, day.

3. Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I love to watch people. LA is such a great place to sit and watch people. I love to see what people wear because that’s what our brands about. We aren’t designing pieces to wear for one season and then retire. We try to create timeless looks that people love to wear.

4. How can fashion positively impact a woman’s inner bliss and outer radiance?

Hugely. Think about the worst looking or most ill-fitting item in your closet. Now imagine yourself going around town, doing business all the while knowing, knowing in your bones, you don’t look great. It happened to me just this morning- I threw on some pants in the wee hours of the morning that I know don’t fit well, but were close. Hours later I decided to go for a walk and felt self-conscious each time I passed someone – all because of a pair of pants!

And on the flip side, think about the “power” item in your closet. We’re all familiar with the “power suit” for men. And that term didn’t arise because the suit had secret powers, it was because a man would feel powerful when he put it on. Clothes are incredibly important to the mood. No one is going to settle in to read a good book on a comfy couch in a suit and heels. Clothes have to fit our moods. And the better we feel in the clothes, the better the mood. And that’s true whether we’re dressing to read a good book or dressing to take over the world.

5. What does the phrase “inner bliss” and “outer radiance” mean to you?

Inner bliss to me is that warm fuzzy feeling you get in those moments of true abundance. I was originally going to say in the moments when everything is going your way, but things don’t have to line up perfectly to feel abundant. It happens to me a lot when I’m with my kids. I always loved that phrase “my cup runeth over.” That’s what inner bliss feels like to me.

Inner bliss to me is that warm fuzzy feeling you get in those moments of true abundance.”
Brooke Thorell

Outer radiance comes to me when I have my confidence lined up correctly. I have to manage that confidence energy- I can’t exude outer radiance when I’m in a weak or timid mindset. Also, for me, I can ratchet up my confidence energy by making sure I’m putting my best looking foot forward into the world. Spending five extra minutes to curl my hair sounds like a little thing, but it can make a big difference to me. Not because my hair looks different, but because I know I actively tried to look my best. And that effort boosts my energy and my confidence, leading to me radiating as I go through my day.

Case in point, I just spent 3 days locked in a house with 2 sick kids. It doesn’t matter how badly I try to manage my mental energy- sometimes you just need a shower and to doll yourself up a little!

Brooke is a busy Mom, Wife, and Entrepreneur based in the Los Angeles area. In partnership with her mother, Dawne Blazevich, Brooke founded Lorelai Williams in 2014 as a brand of ladies clothing that produces high quality, designer pieces at their location in downtown Los Angeles, California. Blazevich and Thorell began designing mother-of-the-bride dresses when friends and family members expressed frustration over finding special occasion ensembles that were flattering and fashionable. After creating a successful line of bespoke gowns, the duo set their sights on offering a full line of sportswear, career and dresswear for women. Operating under the slogan “love what you wear,” Lorelai Williams produces clothing that appeals to women of a variety of ages and that flatters many body types and shapes. Their clothing is available exclusively at>

Brooke Thorrel ©
Brooke Thorrel ©