On Celebration: A Time For Gratitude And Ritual

Union Square Farmer's Market. Photo taken October 2014. © blissandradiance.com
Union Square Farmer’s Market. Photo taken October 2014. © blissandradiance.com

A celebration can mark special occasions. My childhood memories are filled with how my family celebrates the Holidays: the delicious food, the beach vacations on the coast south of Sydney. A celebration can also punctuate a very ordinary day.

Recently I began to merge the way I ‘celebrate’ with a healthy dose of gratitude, and a pinch of ritual. When I made that leap, suddenly seemingly ordinary events became celebrations! That cup of tea in the morning ‘celebrates’ the start of each day; my weekly visit to the Farmer’s Market ‘celebrates’ the bounty of fresh food and beautiful flowers (an example of those cheerful blooms is included above). It’s been refreshing – and I look forward to celebrating life every day!
Over to you:  How do you bring gratitude and ritual to your celebrations? How does this bring you inner bliss and outer radiance?