On Gratitude: A Daily, Deliberate Dose Of Thanks

Union Square Farmer's Market. Photo taken October 2014. © blissandradiance.com
Union Square Farmer’s Market. Photo taken October 2014. © blissandradiance.com

As we enter into November in the United States, Thanksgiving is now just a few weeks away. This is a relatively new tradition for me since Thanksgiving is not a holiday that’s celebrated in Australia, which is where I grew up. That being said, I love the idea of a holiday that’s focused on giving thanks, surrounded by family and friends, and feasting on lovely food and enjoying a glass of wine in the spirit of the holiday.

Too often during the course of a busy week I’m so pre-occupied with living that I don’t always deliberately pause for a moment to give thanks for the beautiful people, surroundings and experiences that I am blessed to have in my life. I find that when I do pause and let that sense of gratitude wash over me, the tone of my day changes: I feel more authentic, more mindful, and more present. It also helps me put things into perspective and bring me back to the present if I’m pre-occupied with one thought or the other. This month, I’m focused on making time for that deliberate moment of gratitude each day, first thing in the morning.

A (Deliberate, Grateful) Call To Action
How about you:  How do you make gratitude a part of your day? Does your day unfold differently when you deliberately choose a grateful outlook?