On Sanctuary: Coming Home (Part 1)

Getty Villa - Malibu, CA. Photo taken July 2007. © blissandradiance.com
Getty Villa – Malibu, CA. Photo taken July 2007. © blissandradiance.com

The word “home” is so evocative: All at once it can remind me of my childhood home, the cities I have been lucky enough to call home on two different continents, the home of my ancestors (which is located in yet a third continent). In everyday conversation, home refers to my personal sanctuary… the place I return to after a busy day at work, or a weekend road trip. The place that envelops me as a place that’s safe, secure, beautiful, and represents the essence of me.

The Move
Earlier this year I moved from one apartment to another. Before my move, I thought a lot about how I wanted my new space to feel. I called upon my favorite feng shui practitioners, voraciously read materials by inspirational design writers, attended an art fair in a quest to have original art on my wall. I let my feelings guide me through this process, making sure to use those as a compass as I sought inspiration around me. I was lucky enough to meet some very knowledgeable design professionals along the way who patiently answered all my questions and help me turn my vision for a neutral-toned, natural-textured, beautifully appointed space which I love coming home to every day.

In Part 2 of this piece, I’ll delve into the inspirational resource that helped shape the vision I formed for my space. In Part 3, I’ll share how I brought that vision to life.

How about you:  How do you define home? What are the sights, smells, and sounds that evoke a feeling of home for you?