On Experiencing The Senses: Finding Pleasure In Real Life

Flowers for Goddesses. BeauTeaBar. Photo taken April 2016. © blissandradiance.com
Flowers for Goddesses. BeauTeaBar. Photo taken April 2016. © blissandradiance.com

I recently spent a weekend indulging my senses… What a delight!

After savoring a dessert treat at the Carnegie Deli, the first event I attended was at the beautiful Carnegie Hall in New York City to listen to classical Cello Sonatas by Beethoven performed by Yo Yo Ma and Emannuel Ax. Sitting there in the Balcony, I resolved to play more music on the piano – a skill I learned as a young child and continued through my early twenties.  I recently heard Krista Tippett interview Yo Yo Ma on the On Being podcast. Listening to the interview added a new dimension to my appreciation of the performer and his gift as a musician. During the interview the conversation turns to the topic of ‘joy’ (at approximately 36 min 57 sec). I was enthralled to hear this part of the interview on the podcast and it enriched my exprience at the concert because I witnesses how much joy music brings to both the performer and the listeners around me. I hope you have a chance to listen in.

The following day I met with old friends and made some new friends at Marissa Waller’s lovely BeauTeaBar in Cold Spring NY. Marissa hosted a lovely afternoon with Victoria Fantauzzi and Karen King from La Bella Figura. Susannah Compton of Florescent perfumes and contributor to No More Dirty Looks, my go-to online resource for natural, effective beauty. I was beyond excited share an afternoon with these amazing ladies, and learned about the science of skin care.  I left with a personalized routine which I’ve been using every day for the past week with brilliant results using the products I’ve enjoyed for years, but in a new way that works precisely for me.

That weekend reminded me how the virtual world has its place and it is real life that brings the essence of what it is to experience the world in every sense of the word: through sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste.

How about you:  How will you let your senses be your guide to bring more bliss into your day?