On Wholeheartedness: Let Your Love Shine Bright

Lover's Locks: Paris, France. Photo taken May 2012. © blissandradiance.com
Lover’s Locks: Paris, France. Photo taken May 2012. © blissandradiance.com
As we enter the month of February I’m inspired by the messages of love that surround me.  As I explore my thoughts and feelings about the link between love and inner bliss and outer radiance, I realize that when I experience true love in my life, that outward feeling has always been based upon a foundation of my own inner sense of self-love and living wholeheartedly: that is living with authenticity, sincerity, and being fully present in the moment.  Living wholeheartedly is another way of belonging to myself.
The love I share with my partner, my family, my circle of friends and colleagues, the regulars at my spin class, the barista at my local coffee house, even the stranger I pass in the street is based in authenticity and sincerity and a sense of being present in the moment, because that’s the same wholehearted love I strive to surround myself with each and every day.  That self love could be a small, simple act  (such as taking a moment to breathe and recite my favorite personal mantra: to inhale a sense of love and gratitude, and exhale a sense of patience and kindness), or a large, game changing act (such as to making life decisions after considering the implication(s) for today and the distant future).
One of my favorite sites, brainpickings.org beautifully highlighted Brené Brown’s TEDxHouston Talk on the topic of wholeheartedness.  If you haven’t already watched this (or it’s been a while since you first tuned in), please take a few moments to watch Brené’s famous TEDxTalk.  
How about you:  How will you live wholeheartedly and let your love shine bright today?