Inspired By Dr. Cary Gannon: Peace Of Mind & Gratitude

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As I refine my self care rituals with beauty products that are effective, lift my senses, and whose founders bring authenticity to their products, emphasizing integrity in their ingredients, I’ve been lucky enough to find some real treasures. AILA Cosmetics is no exception. Founder Dr Cary Gannon pours her inspiration into each nail color, sharing personal anecdotes behind the fun names that each shade is adorned with. The basic products created to care for nails are filled with ‘good for you’ ingredients. AILA Cosmetics products are a treat to use and have become a part of my self care rituals. I hope you’ll find inspiration in Dr. Cary’s words.

1) What inspired you to follow your calling to create AILA Cosmetics and how has this calling evolved over time? What is on the horizon for you?
I hit both a personal and a professional wall. Personally, I had survived a rare disease, I was in an unhappy marriage and my daughter, Aila, had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Professionally, I was burning the candle at both ends, working way too many hours a week, being a wife, a mom and all-things to all people. I was what I call an “over-functioner.” That means I was very good at juggling more than my fair share of exhausting tasks, but breaking myself down from the inside out. Over-functioning is dangerous because when you’re adept at doing too many things at once, you appear very organized and as if you have life all figured out. Also, my daughter Aila’s condition meant she needed as much peace, calm and stability as possible. I was all over the place. One day, I realized something had to give. I called a friend and told her to pick me up because I was not okay. She picked me up and, instead of taking me to a bar to drink alcohol, she took me to a juice bar and got me my first wheatgrass shot. She told me I had to start taking care of myself. From that day on, I have taken her very wise advice. But Aila was the real inspiration for me making the changes I needed to make. I had to slow down so she could have the stability she needed.

Additionally, a patient asked about the ingredients in a product I was selling in my office. I called the manufacturer, and they refused to tell me the ingredients in the product. My integrity means everything to me, so I decided I would launch my own collection so I could completely control the ingredients.

2) How do you re-connect to that original calling on a daily basis?
When I sense that I’m slipping back into over-functioning mode again, I force myself to do at least one thing that day that is just for me. I know that sounds selfish, but it’s actually not. Usually, I give myself an AILA dry manicure. That is always my go-to relaxation technique. For someone like me who works in scrubs all day long, looking down at my hands and seeing beautiful nails is therapeutic. Things can be crazy in clinic or in the operating room, but it’s very comforting to know all I have to do is look down at my hands, and it’s like a mini-escape.

3) Where do you look for new inspiration?
My children. They are the a daily dose of the goodness of God, and I literally marvel at how wise, funny, interesting and smart they are.

4) How can your mission and AILA Cosmetics positively impact a woman’s inner bliss and outer radiance?
I like to think of AILA Cosmetics as my small contribution to helping women stay informed, empowered and in control about what they put on their bodies. When they know they’re being good to themselves on the inside, they can feel more confident and beautiful on the outside.

5) What does the phrase ‘inner bliss and outer radiance’ mean to you?

To me, inner bliss means peace of mind. Outer radiance, to me, is that unmistakable positive energy that comes only from living in a constant state of gratitude.”
Dr. Cary Gannon

Dr. Cary Gannon is a board certified podiatric surgeon in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2013, Dr. Cary founded AILA Cosmetics. Dr Cary and AILA Cosmetics has been featured in Huffington Post and Allure Magazine , French Vogue, and my favorite beauty website, No More Dirty Looks.

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