On Imagination: More Creativity. More Play.

Manchester, Vermont. Photo taken October 2008. © blissandradiance.com
Manchester, Vermont. Photo taken October 2008. © blissandradiance.com

I recently reflected on all of the experiences that shaped my Summer. Those experiences made my summer the most blissful and radiant experience! I realized this feeling came down to three themes:

Imagination inspired by a best selling book (about to be released as a movie) set in the future, and another award winning book set in the past… which in turn connected me to perhaps the most famous public library in the world;

Creativity inspired by my interest in writing and photography (the two things that inspired the creation of this website/blog), drawing, and playing music… and making those activities a part of my week; and,

Play inspired by spending as much time as I could outdoors, even taking up some new sports and re-igniting my interest in other activities that had been a big part of my life decades ago.

I loved every minute of summer and I’m determined to continue to be inspired in the same way for the weeks and months to come.

How about you:  How will you bring more imagination, creativity, and play into your life?