On Momentum: Confidently Living Your Best Life

When a task seems insurmountable, or you’re out of your comfort zone, what’s your default mode? I’ve been firing on all cylinders recently at work and in my personal life… trying to get lots done, oftentimes covering unfamiliar territory, and always attempting to maintain a semblance of balance amongst all of those important tasks and outcomes. The last few months really reminded me that my secret to accomplishing what’s most important to me is to remind myself what my vision for living my best life entails, letting my feelings be my guide, nip self-doubt in the bud andbe confident in how I prioritize my day, and use some simple organizational tools, tips, and tricks that have evolved with me over time.

Investing time into understanding my vision for the future, including the expectations I place on myself and the expectations of those around me (my family, my partner, my supervisor, etc etc) helps me steer myself towards the things I need to prioritize on any given day. That vision also helps me to course correct in the event that I stray off track…

The magical part of being clear on what that vision is brings me confidence in my choices and priorities, and confidence in asking for what I need or articulating boundaries that set me up for success (despite how uncomfortable those discussions may be).

Having simple digital tools to track useful reference information, capture to do tasks, and knowing that my analogue approach of writing important things down with pen and paper has its time and place, just as quickly capturing a thought or ‘to do’ on the nearest smart device does is vital.

I hope you’ve found this post thought-provoking. I also hope you’ve picked up some useful resources. How about you: How do you use confidence and momentum to live your best life each and every day?